NOTE: This website is obsolete. Nakahara Informatics, Inc. is no longer operational. This website has been preserved for historical interest, essentially as it appeared at the time of the last update (October 22, 2008), and the software available on this website may be used for free. However, there is no warranty of any kind, and these apps no longer work on modern OS X systems. Therefore, this may not be useful, except to historians and tinkerers resurrecting legacy systems.

iGet 3 testing will begin "Real Soon Now"

February 2008

iGet 3 development is in full swing, and iGet 2.x is in limited-update mode, which means we continue to release maintenance releases for 2.x as necessary, but the bulk of our work is now focused on iGet 3, which will debut in 2008.

We understand that many of you are eagerly awaiting test versions of iGet 3, and we are feverishly working to get them to you. We also want to make sure that we don't waste your time with buggy betas. Our goal is that using the beta versions is a rewarding experience for all of you who have been generous enough to try them out.

We do plan to have the first test releases out roughly around the end of March or beginning of April, 2008. Once we start to get the releases to you, we expect to update the betas with gradually increasing frequency until the final iGet 3 is released.

Thanks for your patience, and for all your comments and bug reports! They are very much appreciated.

the iGet engineering team
Nakahara Informatics, Inc.